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  • The 2 Live Crew is a rap group best known for their explicit lyrics.
  • The 2 Live Crew raised a lot of controversy and had to appear in court a couple of times, and especially Luther Campbell was in the media a lot.
  • Their third record As Nasty As They Wanna Be (1989) was legally obscene in Miami and hence forbidden. The Supreme Court decided that the state ruling interfered with the First Amendment (freedom of speech).
  • The 2 Live Crew version of the Roy Orbison classic "Pretty Woman" was accused to be plagiarism but was ruled to be a case of "fair use" which allows parodies.
  • Luke's character appeared at Saturday Night Live in a parody.
  • Luther Campbell had an out of court settlement with George Lucas and couldn't use the alias Luke Skyywalker any more.
  • In 1995 Luke had to file for bankruptcy.
  • Here are some quotes from Luther Campbell.
  • This is what Ira Robbins has to say about The 2 Live Crew. (He is the editor of Trouser Press Record Guide.)

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