Album: As Clean As They Wanna Be

Song: You Got Larency

[What you here for, buddy?] [Larceny.] [How much time you get?] [99 years.] Verse 1: [Brother Marquis] Talk about, why? Spreadin' rumors, tellin' lies I'm real sensitive to the fact Of why must you go out like that You can't say nothin' positive All I get are negative responses They say it's hard to keep a good man down But it's not hard to have one up off the ground He said, she said, this-n-that But who's tellin' the truth? It ain't like that I knew somethin' was wrong, I knew it all along But nobody told me what was goin' on So just STOP ... all this disrespect 'Cause now is the time for me to put you in check They say the truth hurts, but don't get mad at me I'm talkin' to those who got larceny Verse 2: [Fresh Kid Ice] Larceny, meaning bein' jealous-hearted Over little or nothin', it can get started For example, a man wants to get ahead Others wish he failed and rather see him dead Always puttin' obstacles in your path It becomes a problem you shouldn't have It's like a disease spreadin' faster than AIDS The word is out, they misspelled your name People look at you a little strange You gain more foes as your lifestyle change' They want what you got, that's the dollars that you clock To you it's petty but to them it's a lot Material things they couldn't retain Still hopin' your loss will be their gain Yet we strive to stay alive and live carefree Others still have that larceny Verse 3: [Fresh Kid Ice] You'll shake my hand, pretend to be my friend And behind my back, wish it all would end People mention my name, you'll frown your face Hopin' in your dreams you'll take my place The things that I own you wish you had Every time I do good it makes you mad You're not a friend to me, just an enemy A sucker that rhymes, a wanna be [Brother Marquis] You wanna be like me, only in your dreams You wanna be down, but you gotta come clean Rockin' boomin' beats on every cut 2 Live's in effect, why you sweatin' us? Wishin' you had all the money I've made And all the females that I've slayed You hate me, boy, now ain't that a pity You ain't got the vapors, you got larceny