Album: Move Somethin'

Song: With Your Badself

Badself! Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] Hey pretty lady, what's your name and number? Whenever I see you, my heart's like thunder I'd like to know you better, and that's no lie Just give me a chance and let me try You're an angel from heaven, a blessing in disguise Time stood still when I saw your eyes Let me show you the things I one day felt So go on!! Badself! Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] You got a body that's stickin'; some men die for less You got a face of a queen in a beauty contest You're a lady in the 80s, never wild or crazy Just takin' your time, not having any babies Not depending on others to get what you need A modern-day woman with the will to succeed Tryin' harder every day to increase your wealth, So go on! Badself! Verse 3: [Brother Marquis] All the girls don't like her because she's independent They're so envious because she's not with it She's a real lady; her mind's on other things She can't be bought with gold or diamond rings! [Fresh Kid Ice] She's the one I want to be in my life The lady I need to be my wife Never in a crowd, she keeps to herself So go on! Badself!