Album: Greatest Hits

Song: The Splak Shop

Verse 1: [Brother Marquis] I won't take a bitch to my house Don't have to see where I'm livin', uh-uh, that's out! If you want to splak, I know you're down like that We can go to this place by the railroad track It has a room with a view, just right for two Equipped with the accessories to get you in the mood Like bottles of champagne with gold-trim glasses A king-size waterbed to lay your ass in A video screen, of you and me So don't be camera-shy; I won't let nobody see You can lounge around in your silky nightgown Just take off your bra and pull your panties down 'Cause I'll seduce you, whore, bust down your back door You dog-ass bitch, get down on all fours 'Cause this is the place for head, booty and cock You know what it's called, the Fuck Shop! Verse 2: [Fresh Kid Ice] Now bitches and sluts, I'm down with 'em And there's a place where I get with 'em It has a water bed 'cause the place is phat A lion-skin rug to lay the bitch on her back With mirrors on the ceiling and on the walls Mirrors on the floor so I can see it all No need for hide-and-seek, so drop them draws And raise that ass so I'll splak it all! So bend your ass over, I'll get it from the back Dick ya ass down, make the pussy go smack And with every stroke, bitch, start to yell Ain't nothing can save you but a truth in the smell It's a freaky place, and an all-out blast, 'Cause when you're done, you'll wash your ass So if you're down, we'll hit the spot You know what it's called, the Splak Shop! Verse 3: [Brother Marquis] The Fuck Shop, the ideal place to meet When you're cheatin' on your wife with an undercover freak It's better than any hotel room Just right for a secret rendezvous So when you're on a mission, one late night And you're looking for a spot where the price is right You can come on in for an hour or two But just make sure you bring a rubber with you! [Fresh Kid Ice] When you're with a hoe and you wanna get freaky This is the spot when you're low on money Pick her ass up when it's after dawn, Jump in the ride, head to the park No need for candle lights, panel doors will do In case you wanna play a little peek-a-boo So if you got a trick, head to the spot You know what it's called, the Splak Shop!