Album: Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part 2)

Song: Some Hot Head

Verse 1: [Brother Marquis] I like getting head, 'cause it's so convenient Huh. You can do it any time; you don't have to beat it! You can get it in the car, or even in the park Yeah! But most head-hunters go out after dark True. There's nothing like a pretty hoe on her knees Suckin' my D Yeaaah. and lickin' my B's We don't have to take our clothes off to bust a nut When I pull out my dick, BIIIITCH, pucker up! And gimme some! Verse 2: [Fresh Kid Ice] Coolin' in a club on a Saturday night Gettin' fucked up with the boys and feelin' all right Yeah! When I saw this bitch who had to be a winner And the only thing on my mind was to run up in her So I got her kind of tipsy with some Sex On The Beach Then the bitch got hot and she wanted to eat So, for me to get over, took her straight to the bed What? She got on her knees and gave some good hot head! Yeah! Verse 3: [Brother Marquis] Hot head hoes, some white some niggeroes But I like the ones who suck toes and assholes With tongues like razors that cut when she licks Ooh! How can I fuck you with a skinless dick? ha ha ha ha ... You take pride in suckin' a good dick And after I nut, bitch, you better not spit ha ha ha ha... You're a dirt dobbler, a goop gobbler You'll fuck Satan for the righteous dollar So gimme some! Gimme some!