Album: Move Somethin'

Song: P-A-N (Pussy Ass Nigga)

Verse 1: [Brother Marquis] You tried to play hard, but we pulled your cord You're just a do-boy 'cause your boss is in charge Tryin' to play big money, ain't it sad, ain't it funny You're so blind you can't see that you're really playin' dummy Gucci rags and Bronze, shinin' grills of chrome Frontin' in a caddy you don't even own You're soft, and you know that we know it You try to hide it, but can't help but show it Now the trues and vogues pull the hoes with nice figures But on the 'ave, you're a pussy-ass nigga! Verse 2: [Fresh Kid Ice] Pussy-ass nigga with pistol in hand Comin' out of my room to the next man It's a problem you had since you were a child Always tryin' to be down but actin' stupid and wild I remember way back just to be exact We laughed at your ass when you got jacked So, fuck-ass nigga, here's something to remember: No matter what you try, you're a pussy-ass nigga! Verse 3: [Fresh Kid Ice] You fix up your hoes like you fix your cars Give 'em rag-top heads, make 'em project stars You buy 'em Gucci bags, even Louie Baton Spendin' all your money just to get some [Brother Marquis] And when you go out of town and stand on stage Gettin' jerked by the man instead of paid Now put a gun to your head, then pull the trigger, Now rest in peace, pussy-ass nigga!