Album: Banned in the U.S.A.

Song: Man, Not a Myth

[Intro] Ah.. Just a minute, erm, this is a little to controversial, and I don`t think.. erm, We are going to be up and here comes that black Watch yourself, he is kind of smart, you know... Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] This story began five years ago Took a funky idea and began to roll By doing something that was never done While getting paid, still having fun Being explicit straight from the streets Not forgettin' our roots to an up-tempo beat Taking what they say just for granted For us to give up, that's what they wanted To do it all, we'd be taking shorts 'Cause at that time we were given no thought To follow another; we didn't see it We're the example for others to see In the beginning all we had was a phone And trust in each other was how we lived on Word was bond, we relied on true Faith in each other backed up by Luke Chorus: We are Ghetto Style Perched in the South The king of the ghetto The man, not a myth Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] The journey was long, but we fought the struggle We paid off in the end by the bundles In the beginning, some were against us But we proved them wrong, and made them envious So we kept on writing, the public kept on buying What we were making, they took a-likin' We found the market, hit the target We started the fire, but it's you who sparked it We stayed independent, and we didn't sell out We started off with no help from the White House The plot was perfect, though we needed a gimmick So we thought up this dance called Throw the Dizznick In no time at all, things started growin' Charts were showin' that sales were soarin' Then all the talkin', all the squawkin', They tried to take the name, but keep Skyy-walkin' Chorus Verse 3: [Fresh Kid Ice] A black thing, from beginning to end Brothers in the business and loyal friends Steppin' on stages, movin' as one For the money and for the fun No matter how it goes, how bad it seems, When once seem down, we all come clean [Brother Marquis] In unity, we all stand strong We all step together, no man walks alone No matter what, they can't stop us They ain't doin' us just 'cause, when it's just us Any circumstance we must overcome Let's keep the dream alive, and all get some And never mind those people with the negative vibes And never mind the people with the evil eyes 'Cause they all flippin' somewhere out on a trip 'Cause they don't understand the man and the myth Chorus