Album: Banned in the U.S.A.

Song: Mamolapenga

Mamolapenga (aka. Mama Juanita) * [Female voice speaking in Spanish] Verse One: Brother Marquis I bumped into her at the Coco Cabana Down in Cuban town in little Havana I asked her her name, she said Juanita I just had to ask cuz I just had to meet her I heard of fast girls but she's a speeder She said she was hungry and told me to feed her So I got an expresso and a hot burrito You look so sweet you fine senorita Mamalopenga, mama sita It's a black thing baby so you know it's sweeter Okay Juanita now I must be your guy She said Juanita's my nickname, call me Spanish fly [Spanish talking] Verse Two: Fresh Kid Ice Black girls white girls even Puerto Ricans But the Mexicans and Cubans are all so freakin' I like 'em in dresses with big 'ole chesses I also like the style and the way she impresses The fragrance of her perfume smells like roses She's guarenteed to turn heads whenever she poses She lives in Miami and of Latin descent And being with her is how my time should be spent I met her in the berries on a Friday night Dressed in a soft silky dress colour virgin white I said "hey pretty lady, just suck on my finger And tonight you're the one to Mamalopenga" [Sounds of the boys & Spanish woman engaging in relations]