Album: Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part 2)

Song: Here I Come

Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] I remember back when, how the Kid got scarred Beggin' for pussy; bitches actin' hard I gots no play for the lack of papers For the dope boys, I had the vapors 'Cause they got the hoes for the money they were stackin' And all I had was dreams of rappin' But a few months later the scenario changed With a record and a video; now the Kid had game They jumped over buildings, straight on the dick It hit me so hard thinkin' I was it They tripped me out, a sudden change of flavor Hoes kissin' my ass wantin' to do me favors But no matter how they tried to fuck with my pride Ice Cold Productions won't slip or slide 'Cause when I was comin' up you was talkin' shit Now that I made a nigga suck a dick I know what's happenin', don't think I'm dumb Kid Ice is movin' up, so here I come! Chorus: Make way, 'cause here I come! Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] Marquis is the man, and I'm on a mission To make a lot of money is my main ambition Fuck niggas, and fuck hoes too The meal is made, so let's eat food But some motherfuckers try to hold ya back Some are white, but most are black Goin' out like that makes me laugh But they all can kiss the crack of my ass And you know and I know who I'm talkin' about Y'all need to shut your fuckin' mouth and step aside! You better make way, 'cause here I come, motherfucker! Chorus Verse 3: [Fresh Kid Ice] Steppin' to the light, and out the darkness To relieve the pressure and all the madness So here I come, a young man on the rise Doin' what's right to stay alive In a world of negativity and full of pain We're brothers, down with each other for they own gain So I keep on steppin', and keep on rappin' Statyin' above the others, you know what's happenin' For the better of myself, and not the fame I try to make a livin' in this hip-hop game If you wanna try, come and get some Step out my way, 'cause here I come! Chorus [Outro] [Mr. Mixx] Mr. Mixx, producer of 2 Live! Niggas slip, but I'ma let that slide. Dope producer, you know I ain't playin', I got 3 golds and a platinum, y'know what I'm sayin'? Fuck-niggas always talk that fuck-shit, sayin' that Mixx ain't legit. For the niggas that ain't with it, you can suck me and all the boys' dick, Y'know what I'm sayin'? 2 Live in motherfuckin' effect, And we outta this raggedy mother-fucker, like last year.