Album: Goes To The Movies (A Decade Of Hits)

Song: Hangin' Out

[Intro] It's not the way to do it! [gunshots] Shut up bitch! Yeahhhhh boyyyyy! You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge. This is serious business. Come by boy! Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] Hangin' on the corner, lookin' real sporty Coolin' with the fellas while downin' a 40 Nothing to do, just killin' time Sittin' on my ride with my hand on my 9 Gettin' a buzz, feelin' kinda nice Homie dropped a 20, so we shot some dice We played for a while, 'till my luck was out So the bitches walked by and my dick popped out Rankin' on the bitches hanging in the street It's feedin' time, so hoe, come eat Nibble on this dick, make me just say please You know how it's done, like a rat does cheese The hoe started buggin', jumped in my face Since the boys were stressin', I had to punch her in the face Grabbed the weave, stuffed it in her mouth Don't fuck with the Kid while I'm hangin' out! (Interval: Marquis talking. Most of his words are indistinct.) Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] Me and my nigga, rollin' hard Hangin' out, the whole nine yards I'm smokin' a fat one, takin' a 40 to the head Watch out, fool, get shot dead And bitches clownin', cryin' and all that But yet, still, I keep my gat Rollin' real hard in a six-tre ('63) Motherfuckin' punk, step out my way And all you fools in the game, you silly-ass lames You can't fuck with me; I'm wild and not tame Like a savage beast, I'm out on the street So, motherfucker, what's up with that? You wanted beef? Punk, you got a problem? I'll solve 'em! I pulled his gat; his life cost him So don't fuck with me while I'm around in the back I'm always strapped when I'm hangin' out!