Album: As Nasty as They Wanna Be

Song: Get Loose Now

Chorus: (Mixx cuts "Get Loose Now" from "It Takes Two") Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] People everywhere, just check this out Say, something brand new that'll make you shout For you, and you, and all to see The dopest rhymes, said by me Listin' these facts for all to know How to rock a party, keep the crowd on the go It starts with the beat, then comes the rhyme The stance that's hard to keep you on time We'll add a little scratch to give some flavor So the mix'll be right for you to savor There's only one way to move the crowd: Bass level up high, volume level up loud To do youre best, you gotta believe And what you want, you'll soon achieve It's who you know to get your juice I started with rhymes and I get loose! Chorus Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] This is a section, some of a rehearsal So sucker MC's don't take it personal I don't mean to talk about you or put you down But I get loose out the door and go and freestyle You see, the point I'm trying to make comes out so clear I be bustin' lyrics 'till I leave here I don't claim to be the best; I'm funky, not fresh I just want to get respected, with all the rest You see, I come from down South, talk slick out my mouth I went to New York and got kicked out Because they don't like me; they just like us as a whole 'Cause the music we make (?) we got soul So tell me the truth; it's monkey see monkey do We cuss on a record; now you wanna cuss too From Hi-top fades to jhericurl juice Watch Marquis y'all, as I get loose! Chorus Verse 3: [Fresh Kid Ice] Get on up, let me bust a rhyme Something that happened ahead this time I was coolin' out, doin' my work Then suddenly, it went berserk Marquis came in with a couple girls All the boys went crazy, takin' off clothes We all got naked, no time to front Clear the desk, 'cause you know what I want Grabbed one by the hair, threw her on the floor Opened her thighs, and guess what I saw A hell of a mess, oh, what a bush In a couple of minutes I'll be there to push And back and forth, the momentum goes I keep on strokin' as I get on my toes She kept on moanin' 'till she started to juice I'm in control when I get loose! Chorus