Album: As Nasty As They Wanna Be

Song: Coolin'

( *Mr. Mixx cuts up* ) (Hit it) [ VERSE 1: Fresh Kid Ice ] Coolin' in Miami one summer day Drivin down the streets along the bay My girls' hair's blowin' in the breeze Her skin's gettin' tanned 'cause it's 90 degrees I took her home and met the homeboys Before gettin' bored we'll avoid the noid Went to Opa Locka, jumped in Luke's jet To the Bahamas and Mixx said, "Bet" We landed in Naussau, when walkin downtown We met four females, all of were down Went to the beach on Paradise Isle We played water sports and had sex for a while Before we knew it it was time to go 'cause the very next day we had a show We'll let the people see that 2 Live is rulin' (Now back to the crib where we'll be coolin') [ VERSE 2: Brother Marquis ] Coolin' with the posse, playin' it hard Rollin' two deep as I drop the top Beams from the sun light up the city As I roll through sidin', sittin real pretty It's a hot summer day and I feel good So I turned up some music and hit the neighborhood Spoke to the brothers, sweatin' the ladies I bumped into my homeboy Ice in the Mercedes Went up on the ave. where they hustle real hard Skeezers on the side cold jockin' our cars Someone called my name, so I yoked it quick And kicked it to the girlies who was all on the tip As nightfall came I was still out there Havin' fun on the one, carefree without a care You say it, we can play it, I'm here for the choosin' Marquis is chillin' hard, coolin' [ VERSE 3: Fresh Kid Ice ] Livin' the life of the rich and famous We never had it so good, so who can blame us? Here's a toast to our success Break out the Dom 'cause we owe it to ourselves So let's find a hideaway in the Carribean Sail the ocean like a long-shore seaman Goin' to the Islands to have some fun Hit the beach and take in a little sun [ Brother Marquis ] Feelin' the breezes of the cool winds blowin' On a mission, not knowin' where I'm goin' It's a free day, and I got free time And I'm loving every minute of this life of mine You see, the lady I choose must like to cool In a freak's cut bikini by the pool [ Fresh Kid Ice ] Havin' good times, that's what we'll be doin' Like millionaires, stone cold coolin'