Album: Greatest Hits

Song: Boyz With Da Bass

Intro:(mysterious music) "Absolutely no one under 17 will be admitted without parent or certified adult guardian." "They'll fry your brain. They're sick as hell!" "Jolly good fun." "You'll die dancin'!" "Dark, gliding shapes that glide every long inch ... " "Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths!" Chorus: Heyy! 2 Live Crew Boys with the bass! "You better know it!" Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice] That's right y'all, you heard it 'cause we said it And if you can't read in the magazines, You read about who? You know the Crew! Fresh outta Pac And the first to put the bass on the 24-track Some said it wouldn't work, some said it wouldn't last In New York, they say that the tempo's too fast You disregarded, but the albums got charted We put 'em in the stores and millions habe bought it An underground sound, not liked by radio You hear it in the cars and at the dicso On the airwaves, we misbehave We're too bold, too rugged in our nasty ways From dirty minds come dirty rhymes We're not gonna beg for your time You don't play it? That's cool with me But somehow, our bass still reaches the street As long as we got it, you can get it People want the bass, so some try to steal it From behind our back, and not in our face 'Cause 2 Live is the Crew, the boys with the bass! Chorus Verse 2: [Brother Marquis] Holdin' out own in the South-East region When you come to the bottom, pledge to our allegiance I'm glad to say that we're the proud owners, The rock-and-rollers, you can't us this over The name of the game is supply and demand We supply the bass while you demand our jams We could not wait to bring our bass to you Because in this game, you lag, you lose See, we serve our bass raw, straight up and not false This is the kind you dance to, and not on 8-Ball Plenty of bass, the beat, and the rhyme That my homeboy Mr. Mixx carefully designed Hittin' hard as hell, and always droppin' Bass is the reason why you are rockin' When you hear our songs, and you see our face Put two and two together; we're the boys with the bass! Chorus ("It's the best in this city!")