Artist:             Fresh Kid Ice 
Album:              Still Nasty 
Label:              Chinaman Records 	 
Year Released:      2001 
Total Playing Time: unknown  
Country of Origin:  USA
Language:           English

 1. 	Still Nasty (as I Wanna Be)
 2. 	Shake Junt Queen
 3.	We Like To Fuck
 4.	Gimme The Pussy
 5.	I Wanna Dance Y'All
 6.	Suck the Dick
 7.	Drop (Ya Draws)
 8.	All My Girls (Where U At)
 9.	All My Niggas (Ride)
10.	Chinaman (In Your Life)
11.	Get It Get It
12.	Miami Bass
13.	All-Stars In Da House
14.	Hating Ass Niggas
15.	Get Laid, get Fucked