Artist:             Fresh Kid Ice 
Album:              Freaky Chinese 
Label:              Chinaman Records 
Year Released:      2004 
Total Playing Time: 64
Country of Origin:  USA
Language:           English

 1. Let Me See It - Fresh Kid Ice, Big Will, GroundhoggzDrill
 2. Hypnotized - Bred, Drill, Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N- Gritz
 3. Swingin Hatchets - Fish -N- Gritz, ICP, Fresh Kid Ice
 4. I'm Country - Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N-Gritz, Big Face, Big Wish
 5. Sex on South Beach - INEZ, Fresh Kid Ice
 6. Legs Up - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
 7. Where U From - SSC, Fresh Kid Ice
 8. Liquor Talking - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
 9. Make Ya Baby Daddy Madd - Groundhoggz, Fresh Kid Ice, Fish -N- Gritz
10. Tour Bus - Fish -N- Gritz, ICP, ABK, Fresh Kid Ice
11. Bloosh - Fresh Kid Ice, Drill
12. Let's Get Nasty - Anquette, Drill, Bred, Fish -N- Gritz, Fresh Kid Ice
13. Freaky Chinese - Fresh Kid Ice, Groundhoggz
14. Girls Wine - Seltza, Nemesis, Fresh Kid Ice
15. Come With Me - Fresh Kid Ice 
16. Bad Man - Fresh Kid Ice, Nemesis, Seltza
17. Still Too Live - Seltza, Fresh Kid Ice