Artist:             Brother Marquis
Album:              Bottom Boi Style 
Label:              PLAYALISTIC ENT. 
Year Released:      2003 
Total Playing Time: unknown 
Country of Origin:  USA
Language:           English


1.	I Ain't Goin'	
2.	They See Me Do That	
3.	Get from Round Me	
4.	Get Your Mind Right	
5.	Ridin' Clean	
6.	Down South	
7.	I Need a Hit	
8.	Bottom Boi Style	
9.	Somethin' Ta Ride To	
10.	Pimp Grease	
11.	No Pain	
12.	You Can Holla	
13.	It's Jumpin'	
14.	Shake It Like Its Jelly	
15.	What's My Mutha****in' Name	
16.	Apology